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About Us

Our Training Center

Fusion Elite Performance Training Center is a fresh mix of fun and exciting activities that brings families together through fitness and education. Our 10,000 square foot facility offers the entire family the opportunity to experience multiple facets of fitness and performance through exciting classes with exceptional instruction in the areas of martial arts, personal protection, fitness and athletic development, after school education and the performing arts. Our state-of-the-art facility boasts an appealing environment where children and adults can enjoy the benefits and personal development learned through the study of our diverse curriculum. Whether you are interested in personal protection, stress reduction, competition, discipline or just plain having fun, Fusion Elite truly does have something for everyone.

Our Instructors


  • Joey Febres and Diane Murray - Owners
  • Brandt Phillipe, Kevin Hudson and Franklin Wilson - Karate Instructors
  • Ismael Sanchez, Jordan Coble, Jessica Suderman - Dance Instructors
  • Amy Skultety - Fitness Department (NCSF, NASM CPT CES PES)
  • David Skultety - Fitness Department (CrossFit)
  • Ares Brazilian Jiujitsu - Julio Veliz, Manny Moreno
  • Evan Dominguez and Nate Poehlke - Music Instructors


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